Interfaith Opportunities



Mission Statement: I know it lists the mission statement on the home page but it doesn’t say what it is. Can you leave it there but perhaps also put it at the top of the “About” page the current (2018) mission statement? I think someone suggested you put the earlier (not sure what year it was) mission statement as well for kind of historical purposes. Perhaps under about you can say the year it was found by Joan Lindemann and… and the older mission statement.

ION, founded in 2005, celebrated its 10th anniversary

with 16 participating faith communities:   

(Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Unitarian, Quaker)

Catholic Community at Amherst College

Deacon Roger Currier & Fr. Warren Savage

First Congregational Church, Amherst

Katie Tolles - Co-Convener

Dorothy Cresswell - ION Webmaster 

Jacqueline Wallace

Eve Webster

Hampshire Mosque, Hadley

Naz Mohamed

South Congregational Church, Amherst 

Lee Bridegam 

North Hadley Congregational Church

Pastor Gordon

Hope Community Church, Amherst

Scottie Faerber

                       Immanuel Lutheran Church, Amherst
Melba Larson
Cheryl Smith

Elizaveta Lovaya

Deacon Thomas Lynch

Unitarian Universalist Society of Amherst
Mary Beth Seminario

Wesley United Methodist Church, Hadley
Doris Newton

Barbara Jenkins
Joan Lindeman, Founder
Hindu saying:

The grace of God is coming down upon us all the time,

like a gentle rain,

but we forget to cup our hands.