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ION created the Joan Lindeman
Interfaith Opportunities Award
The Joan Lindeman Interfaith Opportunities Award was created to honor Joan Lindeman for her leadership over the past eight years in creating and building a strong network of lay representatives from faith communities in the Amherst area.   Pictured left to right are Naz Mohamed, Joan Lindeman, Lee Bridegam.
     The mission of ION - to strengthen communication among participating religious congregations for education and collaboration - was a primary focus of Joan's lifelong work.

     ION participants recognized that the retirement gift Joan would appreciate most of all would be to know that interfaith activities and understanding would continue to be a strong part of our community.

     To that end, the award is designed to recognize interfaith projects that occur in the community, as well as to motivate people to create such worthy projects.  The award will be given to any individuals or groups in recognition of exceptional efforts to increase understanding and respect of all religious faiths.  It is not a competitive award with a prize attached; it is a certificate that can be awarded as often as is warranted.

     If you have been part of any exceptional efforts to increase understanding and respect of all religious faiths, or know someone or some group that has been, please contact Assistant Convener Barbara Jenkins, and she will get in touch with you to find out more about the project you feel is deserving of the Joan Lindeman Interfaith Opportunities Award.

Abdulkadir Kocak, Rumi Club president, answers questions about his homeland, Turkey, at the Rumi Club's Annual Friendship Dinner.   Seated clockwise from Abdul are Joan Lindeman, Tom Lindeman, Betsy Krogh,
 Nick Grabbe, Gale McClung, and Bonny Vaught.