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I am excited to share about a grassroots movement that has begun in western Massachusetts in support of our Muslim brothers and sisters who have been peaceful responsible contributing members of our community for a long time.  Unfortunately, the media is giving too much attention to the fears and racist comments and too little to appreciation and support of the Muslims in our country. Most of us are dismayed by this racist propaganda, so we need to have a different testimony.  As an outward show of our support, some of us have  started wearing a button that expresses our stand: "I am supporting my Muslim friends." Or "Standing with our Muslim brothers and sisters." Or my friend likes to say, "Supporting our Muslim cousins because we share the same grandfather, Abraham!"

Yes, the Christian, Jewish, and Muslim faith traditions have all grown from our common historic ties to Abraham, the father of our faith. Many, most, prefer to worship as we were raised, and to allow others the freedom to do the same.  So when some of us felt that we wanted to support our spiritual "cousins" we thought of showing solidarity. I asked a long-time Muslim friend, who in turn checked with the Imam at the mosque. I received this message:
This is how our Imam at the Springfield Mosque responded:
"God will reward her for her standing with the oppressed.
May God light our hearts,her heart and all hearts with His divine Light."
 Yes you have our blessings.

I am grateful that we can stand together.
Dorothy Cresswell, ION webmaster
Asalaam Aleykum.
Peace be upon you.
If you would like solidarity buttons, please contact Dorothy.