Interfaith Opportunities


Interfaith Issues
Interfaith Immigration Coalition -
Faith-based coalition for 
                                                              fair and humane immigration reform
Shoulder-to-Shoulder Campaign - 27 Jewish, Christian, and Muslim      leaders and organizations seek to end anti-Muslim sentiment
The Interfaith Observer - News and Commentary resources
Multifaith World - Leadership for a World of Religious Diversity - links
Judaic Resources - Compiled by Reconstructionist Rabbinical College
Judaic and Islamic Resources - Extensive list compiled by the ELCA                                                 
United Religions Initiative (URI) - Grassroots interfaith organization                                                                              
Coming Together:  Understanding Racism, Building Fairness and
                                                 Connection in the Amherst area

What is Islam?  Short primer includes many links to Muslim organizations

Reading list on Islam and interfaith issues, from Global Ministries,
                                                                    annotated - comprehensive

Center on Religion and the Professions:
                                       More links to interfaith guides, as well as 100 films

                                       Facts, studies, statistics -                                                                    Profiles of denominations,    
                                                                               changes over time, data archives

                                                Lists interfaith activities in Greenfield, MA area

Faith in Public Life -     Tracks media coverage of interfaith work
Ecology - Bill McKibben's global movement to solve the climate crisis

TCK TCK TCK- Global campaign for climate action

Physicians for Social Responsibility -  
                             Environmental Health Institute: topics - facts - essays

Industrial Scars: The Art of Environmental Pollution:
       A photographer simultaneously captures and explains the beauty 
       and horror of human pollution, from thick oil spills to dirty coal mining


Blogs . . . Interviews . . .Art

So, a Christian Seminary Student Walks Into a Mosque . . .
                          and learns something about Islam, and about herself
                            "The Dignity of Difference"

Touhami Ennandre's photographs of the homeless:  
                       "Under New York"