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           What's the second-largest religion
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          Christianity is by far the largest religion in the United StatesMore than
three-quarters of Americans identify as Christians.  A little more than half of us
identify as Protestants, about 23% as Catholic and about 2% as Mormon.

          But what about the rest of us? Where do you think the largest bloc of Muslims live?   Where do you find the most followers of Judaism?  Buddhism?  Hinduism?  And what about people of the Baha'i faith?  This map with unusual blocks of color has the answers.  Click here to learn the second-largest religion in each state.

UN and Vatican team up
for climate change agenda

AP Photo/L'Osservatore Romano/Pool photo via AP

        Pope Francis shakes hands with U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon during their meeting at the Vatican on April 28, 2015. 

       The U.N. chief praised Pope Francis for framing climate change as an urgent moral imperative, saying his upcoming encyclical, combined with a new round of U.N. climate talks in Paris (COP21) provide an "unprecedented opportunity" to create a more sustainable future for the planet.

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Islamic Leaders Issue Bold Call
for Rapid Phase-out of Fossil Fuels
      "Islamic leaders have issued a clarion call to 1.6 billion Muslims around the world to work towards phasing out greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 and a 100% renewable energy strategy. . . .

      "The Istanbul Declaration was made by Islamic figures from Bosnia to Indonesia, and follows a ground-breaking Papal encyclical last month.  Heads of state, corporations, and all peoples are addressed in the Istanbul call, which carries a universal and startlingly bleak message.

      "'We are in danger of ending life as we know it on this planet,' the statement says.  'This current rate of climate change cannot be sustained, and the earth's fine equilibrium (mizan) may soon be lost.'

      "'What will future generations say of us, who leave them a degraded planet as our legacy,' the religious leaders ask.  'How will we face our Lord and Creator?'"
                            Read Arthur Neslen's article in The Guardian

Torah, Pope Francis, & Crisis
Inspire 300+ Rabbis to Call for Climate Action

Philadelphia - More than 300 rabbis - inspired by the climate crisis, the Torah's call for a Sabbatical Year of releasing the Earth from overwork, and the impending Papal Encyclical on the climate crisis - have joined their voices in the Rabbinic Letter on the Climate Crisis - a call to action to prevent further climate-fuelled disasters, and work toward eco-social justice.  The seven initiators wrote their colleagues explaining:

            "Our decision to do this now arose out of our learning that Pope Francis will be issuing an encyclical to the Church and the World that will address the climate crisis in the context of worsening concentrations of wealth and power and worsening degradations of poverty."

The 333 rabbis speak out especially against certain extremely destructive ways of extracting fossil fuels, including fracking, off-shore drilling in the Arctic, oil trains, and the disproportionate impacts of these practices upon low-income communities and communities of color. 

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