As we listen to Indigenous voices about their 400 years’ experience of colonization and the taking of their homelands and cultures, we seek to reflect and go deeper in understanding how this truth reflects the systemic racism that still impacts so heavily our region and nation.

Taking of Native lands. There are many excellent videos to help us to understand how fundamental Christian doctrines and beliefs about Indigenous peoples have served as the foundation on which colonization was built – as well as chattel slavery, anti-semitism, and fear of immigrants and others who are different.

Preparing for Oct. 18th. Here are five excellent short YouTube videos on this subject. We strongly recommend that you take the time, if possible, to watch one or two of these videos to help prepare for the Oct. 18th program.

Other more detailed videos on the subject of decolonizing faith and the taking of Native lands:

Taking of cultures. Indian boarding schools and foster care programs were often systematically used to try and extinguish Native languages, cultural practices, kinship bonds, and sense of Native identity on the principle “Kill the Indian to save the man.”
Dawnland. We have acquired rights (through September 2021) to show this extraordinary 55 minute film about the 2015 Truth and Reconciliation program between the State of Maine and Indigenous Peoples of Maine. It focuses primarily on the foster care program of the state. If you would like to arrange a showing of this film in your congregation or community group, please contact Jeff Gold at

  • “Dawnland” and the related film “Dear Georgina” are streaming free in a live screening + Q & A to celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day on Monday, Oct. 12th!
  • Dear Georgina is free to stream right now and through the rest of October (and actually until November 7th) via our friends at Vermont PBS.

2017 talk by Paula Palmer on Indian Boarding Schools. (25 mins.)
Quaker Indian Boarding Schools. Illustrated talk by Paula Palmer at Truth & Healing Conference (70 mins.)

Making repair as a faith community. 
Finally, on Sunday Oct 11th from 6:30-9 Andy Grant is leading an online program exploring ways that faith communities can begin taking steps as a group towards making repair for 400 years of land theft and cultural genocide. This year Quaker meetings across the Northeast are living into a draft Letter of Apology to Native peoples of our region and Call to Action. To receive the link to this session email Andy at